Medigap Plan N 2018

If some of the other higher-coverage supplemental plans from Medicare are too costly for you or just provide more coverage than you can use, then Medigap Plan N for 2018 may be a better fit. Many people using either plan G or Plan F switch to this plan because they realize it actually saves them money. It comes with nearly equal coverage to these other plans but its rates are usually much lower.


medigap plan n


Now not everyone is going to save money with this plan, however. Each Medicare subscriber needs to consider the kind of coverage they need before they choose any plan. There isn’t one plan that is perfect for everyone, as each person has different healthcare and coverage needs.

If you are already a Medicare subscriber, then you are eligible right now for Plan N. If you are not subscribed to Medicare, then you have to wait until you are signed up for this plan. Like all Medigap plans, Plan N is mean to work in conjunction with Medicare, so you cannot buy it on its own.


Medigap Plans 2018



Before you choose any plan, you want to first find out what kind of coverage it offers. Plan N is considered to be a high-coverage plan. This means that it covers most supplemental expenses. Its coverage includes all nursing care and Part A coinsurance. That coinsurance covers basic hospitalization and care costs. It also takes care of the co-payments from Medicare Part A and B, though other co-payments may be necessary in emergency situations. It pays for Part A’s deductible and covers you for 80% of your emergency medical care outside the US, once you pay the required deductible.

If you plan to sign up for this supplement plan, you will want to shop around first. That’s because all the insurance companies that offer Medigap Plan N for 2018 are providing the exact same coverage as one another. What isn’t the same in their offerings is how much they charge for that plan. You could be paying far more than you have to if you don’t compare prices and do some shopping around.

Of course, that can seem like a lot of work, and we have a way to make it easier. Just come to our site and use the free quote generator. This lets you look at quotes from all the major insurance companies that are offering this plan in your area. There is no easier way to get all those quotes at a glance and see which insurance company is offering the best price.

You should also know that the coverage for this plan and all other Medigap plans is not being changed for a little while. It will stay as it is at least through 2018. Whether it changes after that will be up to Medicare. They control the coverage each plan offers. So if you like what Medigap Plan G for 2018 has to offer, you should see about signing up for the plan as soon as you are able.



medigap plan n